Atlantic Steel Processing Company Outlook

The Atlantic Group of Companies has continued to grow over the years, due in large part to our continual planning for the future.

This forward-looking-mindset has enabled us to allocate the people, talents and financial resources required to fill a service-void in the steel industry.  With the launch of our most recent company, Atlantic Steel Processing, we are able to slit both hot and cold rolled steel at speeds that outperform most industry standards.  This means faster turnaround time for our Customers, which allows them to run more efficiently and profitably too.

But starting this new company isn't enough.  We are already looking at future purchases of additional slitters, within the coming years, to accommodate the forecasted growth of our existing Customers, and the manufacturing markets in general.

We are also reviewing the introduction of new technologies and equipment, such as multi-blanking lines and tension leveling.  Our highly-skilled workforce will be trained in these new technologies and processes, allowing them to continue to meet the high quality standards and demands of our Customers.

Starting a new company is exciting, but growing that company and building on our existing successes is more exciting.

Frank Cancelli
Chairman, The Atlantic Group of Companies