About Atlantic Steel Processing

We helped design the equipment we operate.

Our ALCOS steel slitting equipment was designed specifically for our use. It includes slitting capabilities for hot and cold rolled steel – pickled, aluminized, galvanized, galvanealed, stainless, and martinsite, in a wide variety of grades. We specialize in precise processing of difficult-to-slit widths, yields and grades from 50-80.

The state-of-the-art equipment accommodates coil widths up to 72” and 60,000 lbs. while delivering tight tolerances of +/- .005 and wider gauge ranges from .018 to .288.   Integrating this unique installation into our fully-automated packaging system ensures exceptional precision and flexibility at faster line speeds.

Our 4-arm turnstile handling equipment blends fast transfer from inventory to equipment, reducing set-up time for production runs as fast as 1200 fpm. To ensure customer specifications are met, an inspector’s bridge, and 8 HD camera systems, enables safe and detailed visual observation of all processing stages.

Where required, metallurgy reports are available from the manufactured steel mills or from a local accredited testing laboratory.

Speed, flexibility and precision– count on all three with Atlantic Steel Processing.