About Atlantic Steel Processing

Created to Serve Today’s Specialty Steel Needs

With more than 250,000 square feet of warehousing and processing space, our new ASP steel processing facility is geared to meet the needs of today’s demanding steel fabricators. Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it is perfectly situated to provide precision-cut steel for rackers, stampers, tubers, automotive and manufacturers throughout eastern Canada and adjacent U.S. states operating on tightly-fixed schedules.

Every operational stage at this new facility, from software programs and slitting equipment to automated packaging and shipping facilities, is optimized to ensure fast service and consistent high quality.

Service and quality are a family tradition, thanks to our association with Atlantic Tube & Steel.  Founded in 1976, the Atlantic Group of Companies delivers more than 40 years of history, exceptional financial stability, and the benefits of close relationships with leading global steel mills.

ASP added to these advantages first by researching customer needs then by designing an entirely new building to maximize workflow and minimize material handling.¬† Our operations exceed our Customers’ needs with additional features such as:

Our people make the dramatic difference.

The finest facilities still depend on people, and we employ the best. Many Atlantic Steel Processing staff bring more than two decades of experience that enables them to anticipate reactions of the steel and adjust their methods accordingly. Years of experience and modern-as-tomorrow technology combine to deliver unexcelled quality, swift turnaround and rapid delivery.